Treatment Options

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces come in either metal (high-grade stainless steel) or clear (ceramic).  They are smaller in size and more comfortable than ever.  Metal braces allow you to create a colorful smile using colored elastics.  Clear braces offer the advantage of being less noticeable on your teeth and are generally used on your upper and / or lower front teeth.   

Clear Aligner Treatment

Our office offers several state of the art options utilizing 3-D scanning technology for clear aligner treatment, including SureSmile Clear Aligners, Invisalign, and In-House Aligner fabrication.  Consider clear aligner treatment to get the beautiful straight teeth you always wanted without braces.  A consultation with Golovan Orthodontics can determine which treatment option is best for you.


The main advantage of clear aligner treatment is that the aligners are not only comfortable, but are virtually invisible.  In addition, they are removable so they do not interfere with brushing, flossing, and eating.  


Each aligner is fabricated with movement built into the aligner.  Patients wear each set of aligners for one to two weeks.  As you replace each aligner with the next set in the series, your teeth will move towards the positions prescribed by Dr. Golovan.  You will visit our office approximately every 6 to 8 weeks to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.  This schedule can be modified for patients who live out of town or travel frequently.

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1.Separators are small elastic rubber bands that are placed between your back teeth to create sufficient space prior to fitting your orthodontic bands. Your teeth may be sore for 1-3 days after the placement of separators. You may take whatever medication you would normally take for a headache for relief

2. Make sure you avoid sticky or chewy foods that may dislodge your separators.  Do not floss where the separators are located.

3. Please call our office if the separator comes out so that we may let you know if we need to replace it

Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE)

1. an expander is used to widen a constricted or narrow upper jaw, to increase space in the upper jaw, and/or act as a habit reminder appliance

2. You will be instructed on how often to activate the expander

3. During the active phase of expansion, we will generally see you every 2 to 3 weeks

4. When sufficient expansion has been obtained, the expander will remain in the mouth for 3-4 months

5. A space may develop between your upper two front teeth during the expansion process. This is normal and will usually close after you stop turning the appliance

6. Make sure you brush your teeth and gums well.  Clean your RPE with your toothbrush to avoid inflammation of the gum tissue

7. There may be some minor discomfort to the teeth, upper jaw, or bridge of nose during the active widening phase.  You may take whatever medication you would normally take for a headache

Headgear Appliance

1. A removable appliance utilized to make space in the upper jaw, align molar teeth, facilitate overjet reduction, and promote jaw size alignment via growth modification

2. Generally, you will be asked to wear your headgear while at home and sleeping, approximately 12 hours per day. You DO NOT need to wear the headgear to school or outside your home

3. Do not wear the headgear during active sports because it could cause injuries. Never engage in horseplay while wearing your headgear

4. If one of the metal bands on the back teeth become loose or broken, stop wearing your headgear and call our office


5. If the headgear gets bent and does not fit correctly between visits, please call us for an earlier appointment to have it adjusted

Elastics (Rubber Bands)

  1. Rubber bands are worn to facilitate bite correction

2. Rubber bands should be worn as instructed by our office.  If you run out of elastics, please call our office and we will be happy to mail them to you


1. Retainers are used to help hold your teeth in their new positions

2. Brush your teeth and the retainers after meals.  Never use hot water

3. When you are not wearing your retainer, keep it in the case provided so that it does not get lost or broken. Also, keep your retainers away from your pet; pets love to play with and chew retainers

4. Should you lose or break the retainer, or if it does not fit properly, please call our office immediately